5 days before departure

Finally,dream will be come…just 5 days I’ll fly to my dream country in Europe “The Netherlands”.

Let’s see my life there…one year to spend one life in Netherlands or somebody called Holland.

Accually very exciting for this trip.One of my reason,this is my 1st time to get in to the plane!!!(really..this is my top secret,or not? haha).

And second is I’m going alone!!! you know?..1st time plus alone that is “SUPER EXCITED”.

I hope everything will be fine and the nice person will sit near me on the plane hehe Could it be?

Netherlands was the 1st country in my mind I’ve thought to visit(if I can)since I’m young around 12-13 years but I forgot it and think about England all the time..just wanna see real nobleman life hehe,is it good reason?

I had a civil engineer bachelor but I’m going to be aupair in NL(Netherlands).Not much to tell.I’ve thought about this for many times like this…I have a lots of time to work as civil engineer in Thailand but not for go to be aupair in abroad then I chose Netherlands(Host dad called “cold country”).And the degree is not mean whole life,right?

The chances are not come to you several times so you can decide to keep it or not..I can’t wait.

My mom will stay home alone…I’m very sure she can!!! as she believed I can live there with happy heart.

A lots of things have to pack.And I’m starting to pack those things..a heavy luggage!

Preparing luggage…heart…and very important is my language.I will take in Dutch course there.At first I think I have to learn it before departure but now I think English is very very important at the first and Dutch I can learn there in course…So try and try -_-”

Please do not bore to read it in English.Promise! I’ll take a lots of nice picture there and show on here.And if can,I’ll try to write down in English and translate it in to Thai(if can write in english haha).


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  1. nematoda on

    จะเขียนอะไรเยอะแยะ…. เอารูปมาลงมั่งดิว่ะ สราดดด

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