First day in Netherlands…31/3/2009

ahhhhhhhhh I brought the labtop to here too but i can’t use it…very bad

can’t type in Thai oh!…the big problem is from the adapter that I bought at pantip with the price 40 Baht…too bad

And the very big deal is i have to told host dad to understand it..i told him and show them and ask him to smell it was burned!!! so tomorrow he will try to buy the new one.

Here’s really ok! I can understand them almost but can’t response to them. oh!!!!!!!!!!my god.

and the children can speek only dutch so it’s also the big problem for me too but this time I saw they will like me…or they just excited only this time? haha

ok…wait for my picture.I hope tomorrow I can use my own and can type in Thai OK?


2 comments so far

  1. nematoda on

    แล้วรูปล่ะว่ะ…. รอดูอยู่นะ
    แล้วมีอะไรฮา ฮา ตอนเดินทางไหม ?

  2. MM on

    why don’t you use wa!

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